Upkeeper Vacuum Cleaner for Sale

Inside & outside vacuum for large pick-up. This unit goes beyond a vacuum. It picks up popcorn – tickets and pieces of paper. It gets all the stuff that would clog a normal vacuum. $495.00

Cantaur Interceptor HEPA

Centaur Interceptor HEPA Vacuum Cleaning Machines for Sale

With Burst-Action Designed to pick up fine concrete dust or wood dust Machine on left $800.00 Machine on the right $1,195.00

Rotovac Classic Power Wand

Rotovac Power Wand for Sale

This unit is like new If you are looking for equipment that separates the men from the boys it’s the Rotovac Power Wand. It can connect to any hot water exractor. The Power Wand is NOT fast but extremely thorough. As I have always said “It will dig potatoes out of carpet” $1,795.00

Ebac Dehumidifier

ebac dehumidifier for sale

Looking for a reliable and affordable used dehumidifiers? Explore our selection of pre-owned dehumidifiers from Ebac. With our quality-tested units, you can enjoy superior moisture control without breaking the bank. Ebac – This unit only runs on 220V $1,095.00