Ninja Carpet Cleaning Machine 100 PSI

used carpet cleaning machine ninja 100 psi

Used Ninja Hot Water Extractor

Price: $2,195.00

Leading the pack, the Esteam CSA-US approved NINJA CLASSIC portable residential, commercial carpet & upholstery extractors offer convenience and reliability like no other. Rely on the world’s most popular hot water carpet cleaning machines to save you time and money!

The NINJA is the #1 Rated Portable Industrial, Commercial & Residential Carpet Cleaning Machine designed to save you time where it counts, on the job site. Everything about this unique machine is well thought out with your convenience in mind. Less time to transport, set up, service, fill, drain, and clean! And we all know that the more time spent cleaning means more income and more profit. A great automotive car detailing extraction machine when used with one of our many different upholstery cleaning hand tools.

  • 100 PSI
  • Comes with wand and hoses
  • Large rear wheels
  • All refurbished

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Ninja Carpet Cleaning Machine

ninja used carpet cleaning machine

Pre-Owned Ninja Carpet Cleaner Machine

Price: $3,295.00

200 PSI Ninja Classic Carpet Cleaning Machine

Leading the pack, the Esteam CSA-US approved NINJA CLASSIC portable box carpet extractors offer convenience and reliability like no other. Rely on the world’s most popular extractors to save you time and money!

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Sapphire Scientific Stryker Extraction Wand

sapphire scientific stryker extraction wand

The rotomolded handle provides a neutral, balanced grip to help reduce muscle strain and operator fatigue. In the head, an integrated glide provides uniform application – no striping, pooling or missed spots, and it works great on stains or problem soils. The wand fits standard 2 inch vacuum hoses and is compatible with any carpet … Read more

Sanitaire SC6080A Carpet Cleaning Machine 150 PSI

used sanitiaire carpet cleaning machine 100 psi

Fully Refurbished Used Carpet Cleaning Machine

Sanitaire SC6080A Commercial Carpet Machine

The Sanitaire SC6080 is not just a vacuum cleaner; it is specifically designed as a carpet cleaner and extractor. Although it works like a vacuum, comes in a canister package just like a vacuum, and may, therefore, be considered as one, it is unique in many ways, starting with the fact that it is meant to be used on carpets only.

Great for sprucing up or cleaning stains off different types of carpeted floors in multiple rooms, this powerful and feature-packed vacuum cleaner is the ultimate carpet cleaning equipment.

Price: $2,095.00 (MACHINE ONLY)

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EDIC Galaxy 2700 Carpet Extractor

edic galaxy pro 2700 carpet extractor for sale

Price: $2,995.00 (MACHINE ONLY)

  • 350 psi
  • 180″ lift
  • 17 gallon

EDIC Galaxy Pro 2700 gallon steam cleaner is the most compact portable auto steam cleaning machine available in the market place. Used for jobs where a small portable powerful unit is needed. Designed with plenty of power, quiet operation all housed in a lightweight machine.

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Rotovac CFX Carpet Cleaning Machine

Rotovac CFX for Sale

$2,395.00 The Rotovac CFX is compact, weighing only 39lbs. It can be carried in one hand or transported in any size vehicle. The CFX utilizes Continuous Flow Extraction for nonstop cleaning. An easy direct faucet hook up adapter provides an unlimited clean water supply. As the dirty waste water enters the recovery tank it is … Read more