Phoenix FireBird Fury Electric Heat Drying System


  • Up to 62,000 BTUs
  • 750 CFM
  • Up to 80°F increase in temperature
  • Uses 110 or 220 VAC electricity
  • 30/50 amp user selective
  • Only 69 hours on the clock

Maximum Heat, Ultimate Flexibility –
Get Portable BTU’s Wherever You Need Them!

Phoenix has turned up the HEAT with its FireBird Fury. The Fury features a built-in, 50 amp twist lock receptacle and is designed to work with standard 30- or 50-amp power sources – select the setting simply by flipping a switch.

At the 50-amp setting, the FireBird produces 31,000 BTUs – that’s 360 CFM with an 80°F temperature rise. Imagine placing the FireBird Fury in an area with below freezing temperatures and instantly producing 360 CFM of air over 100°F!

Using the 30-amp setting, the FireBird Fury produces 18,000 BTUs – giving a 46°F temperature rise.